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"Join The Movement Of Eye Donation Live Even After Death"

Eye collection centre was started in August 2006 to be the brand Ambassador of sight

Total Eye collections till now 3293

Eye Donors 1750

Total Eye Donation Awareness Programs 880

Some facts about eye donation :

Only corneal blindness is curable with eye donation

Cornea, the black portion of the eye, is the window through which light passes into the eye

Cornea can be damaged by:

  • Infections
  • Injuries
  • Malnutrition
  • Chemical burn
  • Birth disorders
  • Postoperative complications

Damaged cornea can be replaced with the donor cornea.

Who can donate eyes?

  • Any eye with clear corneas at the time of death can be donated
  • Age of the donor does not matter
  • Diabetics, Hypertensives, post cataract surgery- all can donate eyes.

Who cannot donate eyes?

  • HIV, Hepatitis B, Bedsores Patients

How to donate?

  • Convince the donor family
  • Call the nearest eye bank/1919
  • No need of prior pledging if the family is motivated

What to do/ not to do?

  • Call the eye bank as soon as possible as eye has to be removed within 6 hours
  • Switch off fans
  • Place wet cotton swabs over closed eyes. Keep AC or cooler on to preserve the integrity of the corneal tissue
  • Eye bank doctor/trained technician will remove the eyes or only corneas and preserve them without leaving any scar or disfigurement
  • 10cc of donor blood will be taken for infectious diseases analysis
  • The tissue will be graded and preserved in the eye bank till it is utilized
  • The eye will never be sold or bought

No Monetary Transactions Is Ever Involved

  • The identity of recipient shall be confidential
  • The family can be assured that they helped 2 blind people regain their vision.
  • Spread the message of Eye donation
  • Motivate friends and relatives to pledge eyes
Eye Donation
Eye Donation
Eye Donation
Eye Donation
Eye Donation
Eye Donation